Institute Of Integrative Nutrition

Tue 31 January 2017

Institute of Integrative Nutrition is a famous nutrition school and its headquarters are situated in New York. This school was established in 1992 and said to have enrollment of 1600 plus students annually. This offers buy modafinil part time and full-time courses to students so that they can become Health Councilors. Distance education program is also offered by Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

The school provides business training and nutrition education through an online training program. A customized iPod is given to each student that includes audio and video files by experts in wellness and nutrition. This can help you in building a career in health coaching practice related to nutrition at a place nearby to your home.

The OEF or Online Education Forum allows to get connected anytime no matter where are you located. Apart from the online help, you also get support from faculty, classmates and staff. Personal guidance is also provided by the personal health coach who has graduated from the same school. Throughout the year, you will get guidance from the coach through scheduled phone sessions. You can also attend monthly Open sessions as a student. During that time, you can get support, ask questions and hear from students who share their experiences.

There are various features provided by the program at Institute of Integrative Nutrition: • Customized iPod, cooking DVDs, books and handouts for your guidance. • Business training on a fast track. • Audio as well as video lectures through online mediums. • Personalized brochures and business cards. • Live conferences. • Certificate after the completion of half of the course. • In order to encourage your practice, a health coaching website is also provided. • You can connect with fellow students through online education forum anytime.

The training program provided by Institute of Integrative Nutrition is of one year. Though earlier graduation is not offered by students can complete their lessons sooner. It is mandatory to give tests and attend health coaching sessions in order to get the health coach certification.

As a health coach you can work with people and solve issues related to lifestyle, nutrition and health. Moreover, you can provide guidance to them to have changes in their exercise routine, career, daily practice, diet and relationships. Motivation, perseverance, awareness and commitment are required in order to become a health coach.

Most of the students opt for a full time course while others who have busy schedules can opt for a part time course also. After becoming a health coach, you can decide whether you want to work full-time or part-time and add some supplementary income.

The most important aspect of this course is that after becoming a health coach, you can work from your home also. You can create a home office or can contact your clients over the phone. Some may also work with professionals like doctors, acupuncturists, therapists and chiropractors. Some other scenarios where health coaches graduated from Institute of Integrative Nutrition can work are schools, medical centers, yoga studio, corporations, restaurants, day spas, private practice, home studio, natural food store etc.